an applicant’s guide to phd interviews: they’re not as scary as you think

A few months ago I wrote about my experience applying to graduate school as someone with a first-generation, low SES background (you can read that post here). Since publishing that post, I’ve mentored four undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students through the application process. However, now we’ve entered interview season, which is a little outside the scope […]

applying to grad school on a budget and navigating the process: a saga

This blog post is broken up into sections, you can use these links to skip around. the problem with academia budgeting applying strategically applying for fee waivers getting and navigating interviews deciding and negotiating TL;DR Resources the problem with academia A few weeks ago I was in this diversity Zoom meeting with other people in […]

track changes: coping with the modern red pen

I follow Paul Bloom on Twitter and on Thursday he posted a screenshot of a paper submission response to JECP. It had been rejected. Rejection, negative feedback, and criticism, I have come to learn, are major facets of academia (even for Paul Bloom). I haven’t had to experience the rejection of a manuscript at this […]

about the fit: deciding to move to baltimore

When I moved across the country for undergrad, lots of people were surprised; not because I moved away, but because I moved to one of the coldest parts of the northeast. Despite this, moving to Boston was very easy for me. I’d always wanted to be there. The four years I’d spent there were the best […]


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