welcome to adulthood…kind of

Why hello there,

Long time, no see. If you recall, you may have last visited my blog called coasttocoastwithalexis, which was about the usual lifestyle, makeup, college ongoings. That blog came to a screeching halt about a year ago…maybe more. I found myself not wanting to write about that stuff, but always going back to it. When I had major life upheaval, I realized that the things that I was writing about were no longer a priority for me. Sure, I still wore makeup and did pilates, but they weren’t important to me in the way they used to be any longer. I was applying to grad school and jobs, working on my honors thesis, running a lab, editing the yearbook, and trying to balance all of that while simultaneously trying to hang out with my friends and spend time with my boyfriend, Parker. When you have that much stuff going on, something’s gotta give. The blog was just one of those things. Despite that, the blog also brought me a lot of joy; I loved people talking to me about it and how much they related to some of my inner (well, outer since they were written) monologues.

Since my last blog post, tons of things have changed. I got a job as a lab manager for a child development lab, I moved back home for a month, I moved again, Parker and I got an apartment, I started my job, we furnished an apartment, and we did a lot more in between. So if you’re interested in reading more about my fumbling through adulthood and the ever-changing world of child development, feel free to stick around and subscribe. There will ideally be a new blog post every week, but who knows. Adulthood is hard.

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